"High Hopes" Documentary Premiere

"High Hopes" Documentary Premiere

Join us on Friday, October 6th, for an unforgettable evening as The Swapshop & MUMSTER proudly present the premiere of the captivating documentary 'High Hopes' during the Dutch Sustainable Fashionweek.

HIGH HOPES: A documentary unveiling the power of collaboration and boundless optimism in the fight against textile waste

In the short documentary we follow the founders of The Swapshop Monique and Laura. When these two enthusiastic born optimists encounter the incredibly high heaps of textile waste, they are determined to do something about this ever-growing textile waste mountain and in good spirits founded The Swapshop, with which they give people the opportunity to exchange clothing and thus reduce textile waste. What first seemed like a very good idea and simple solution turned out to be a challenging journey of constantly discovering new problems, but also new solutions and above all, partners and experts with whom they tirelessly continue to embark on this joint mission to eliminate the textile waste mountains with high hope for a better future.

Expect an inspiring program with special guests, a deep dive into circular fashion with experts, music and food!


17:30 - 18:30 - Walk into a welcoming ambiance as you prepare for an evening of insights and inspiration.

18:30 - Welcome by host

18:45 - Be captivated by an engaging talk from Monique and Laura, as they share their journey and vision for a waste-free fashion future.

19:00 - Start documentary

19:20 - Panel discussion: Let’s talk about the future - with experts in the field, as they explore the future of circular fashion and sustainable practices.

19:50 - Q & A

20:00 - The celebration continues with an exuberant PARTY! Mingle with like-minded individuals, exchange thoughts, and relish the joyous atmosphere.

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