Give your clothes new life.

You happy, and you make someone happy.

Receive value back directly.

Without a hassle swaps on your account.

Find unique items and styles.

Affordable, sustainable and personal

Why swapping?

Did you know that we only wear 30% of all clothes in our closets? And that more than half of the clothes we discard are still very wearable? By swapping our clothes, we extend their lifespan and make better use of what we already have in our closets. Swapping is more fun, personal and sustainable than shopping. With new items every day!

How it works

1. Hand in your clothes

Take a maximum of 5 items that you no longer wear (clothing, shoes and accessories) to one of our shops or our events.

2. Receive swaps

You will receive swaps on your account for every item you hand in. The higher the quality of an item, the more swaps you get.

3. Buy items with a discount

Each swap gives a €1 discount on the total price. You will receive a maximum of 50% discount on your purchase with your swaps per item.


Come and swap even more during our events at the coolest locations!


We make a positive impact by swapping, reusing and recycling our clothes. We reduce the mountain of clothing waste, and we need to buy less new. Read more about why we do what we do and our impact.

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