1. Hand in your clothes

Take a maximum of 5 items that you no longer wear (clothing, shoes and accessories) to one of our shops or our events.

2. Receive swaps

You will receive swaps on your account for every item you hand in. The higher the quality of an item, the more swaps you get.

3. Buy items with a discount

Each swap gives a €1 discount on the total price. You will receive a maximum of 50% discount on your purchase with your swaps per item.

What are swaps?

Swaps are points you get for every item you hand in with us. By using your swaps you get a discount on other items. You can check your swaps in your account and you can use them in our shops, at our events and online. Your swaps are valid indefinitely.

1 swap = €1,-

Valuation of items

We try to keep the quality of our collections as high as possible. That means as many high-quality, unique and cool items as possible! The higher the quality of the items you hand in, the more swaps you get. We look at the type of item, the condition, the brand, the material and the style. Think of our collection as a big wardrobe that you keep renewing with other swappers!

Frequently asked questions