DSFW Amsterdam

DSFW Amsterdam

From October 5th until the 11th we will be part of the DSFW Experience Center at de Kalverstraat 203-205 in the heart of Amsterdam.

We will host a week long clothing swap, to celebrate unity in sustainable fashion! 

Even outside our experience center, events take place throughout the city center during the DSFW. Based on the themes of reduce, repair, rethink, recycle, refuse, reuse and repurpose, we show what alternatives there are for (fast) fashion. We challenge you, if you buy a new item, to wear it at least 30 times. We can't wait to share the entire program with you! 

The swapping works as follows:
- Take a maximum of 5 items to the event (clothes, shoes and accessories)|
- Receive swaps on your account for each item you hand in.
- Use your swaps to get a 50% discount on the sales prices.

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