About us

Our swap adventure started in 2018 under the name Awearness Kollektif. We wanted to do something about the overconsumption and huge waste in the clothing industry. We saw swapping clothes as a simple and above all very nice and fun solution. We had a lot of fun with the events we organized, but we wanted more. Bringing about a real system change and showing how it also can be done.

Who we are

We are Laura (L) and Monique (R) and we have been friends for a long time. We once thought of starting something up together, and now we are just doing it. Fortunately, the friendship is still there. From thinkers that we are about the world around us, we have come to do. That really gives energy! Now we are working with a fantastic team on our dream. Along the way on the bumpy road we learned many wise lessons. And perhaps most importantly, we always keep things in perspective and keep it fun.

Our partners