The Swapshop Academy

We believe it is not only important to reduce waste and over-consumption, but also to provide development opportunities for talented people. That is why we started The Swapshop Academy. Within our Academy we offer a social traineeship that consists of work, combined with training and coaching. Candidates for this social traineeship receive social assistance benefits, have an entrepreneurial spirit and are motivated to make a positive impact within the circular (clothing) sector.

At the beginning of March we started the first process with 5 enormously talented participants. Together we formulate personal learning goals for each candidate. In addition, we offer a tailor-made program that matches personal wishes with individual coaching. In addition to working in The Swapshop, participants attend weekly training courses. We offer these in collaboration with a team of experienced partners.



Binnen het traineeship van The Swapshop Academy krijg ik de kans om met een fantastisch team aan getalenteerde en gemotiveerde mensen samen te leren.

Zarina, trainee



Offered modules

Connect with our community and The Swapshop culture and values.

Entrepreneurship: financial resilience
The financial and legal side of personal and professional life.

Borders, balance and communication
Guarding your own boundaries and thus finding balance in daily activities and communication.

A closer look at the textile industry
Provide an understanding of the problems of the current fashion industry and the possible sustainable solutions.

A circular company
Preparing participants for their own circular company.

Visual merchandising
Participants learn to design the shop in an attractive way.

Working in The Swapshop teached me more on how important sharing is with your own clothes and making other people happy.

Khaled, trainee


Outflow to paid work

The aim is to allow the candidates to go to paid work after the process or to guide them in starting their own company. Within the process, we therefore already give candidates the opportunity to work together with a business coach on their own business plan for a circular company. For this they receive an extensive package full of resources, put together with our partners. Or candidates can start a The Swapshop franchise store. From the first batch of participants, we make 1 franchise place available.

Another option for candidates is to move on to paid work with an employer. We invite employers from our own network in the circular or retail sector to share information about their company and work during the training program and together with Eudamonia we look at whether there is paid work for some of our participants within their portfolio of employers. In this way we offer a number of tailor-made options to flow into paid work!