We believe that swapping makes the world a better place. By extending the lifespan of our clothing, we are working on a cleaner world. One without overconsumption, pollution and waste that gets burned. Read more about why swapping is the new shopping here!

No need to buy new

In the Netherlands, we buy an average of 46 new items of clothing per person per year, while we discard an average of 40 each year. And then we still have 173 items in our wardrobe. We buy a lot. Fashion trends are changing faster and faster and clothing is produced as cheaply as possible. The consumption of fast fashion has skyrocketed in recent years. This pollutes our world enormously and depletes scarce resources. By exchanging your clothes instead of buying them, you extend the lifespan of clothes. If we all exchange our clothes, less new clothes need to be produced and consumed. In addition, swapping is a great alternative to finding affordable sustainable clothing. Because we select all incoming clothing, we ensure a constantly renewed, diverse and high-quality offer. Win win!


Personal and high quality collection

So we buy too much clothing and throw away too much (often very good clothing). Unfortunately, the current system for collecting textile waste is not very sustainable yet. This can be done differently! By swapping, we collect your clothing in a personal and small-scale way. And you will immediately receive value in return!

By personally collecting your clothing, we ensure that your clothing remains clean and intact and is suitable for reuse or recycling. Fortunately, we see a lot of unique fashion items of good quality arriving. These items of clothing we hang directly in the recks in our shops. You can be sure that the clothing you hand in in The Swapshop will end up well.


Less waste by reusing and recycling

The current textile collection system is neither sustainable nor future-oriented. By exchanging you extend the life of your clothes. So you give your discarded clothing a sustainable and local destination. Most of the incoming clothing at The Swapshop is swapped immediately and is placed in a new wardrobe. The other clothing is given an alternative destination through reuse or recycling. For example, part of it is processed into one of the products of our upcoming product line!