Our swapping adventure started in the beginning of 2018, with the goal to make fashion consumption more sustainable and circular. We started organising small clothing swap events under the name Awearness Kollektif. The events started to be bigger with partners like BlueCity010 and Motel Mozaique. 

But we wanted more… because we knew just events are not going to change the linear system of consumption in the fashion industry. So we took the next step! On the 31th of August 2019 we celebrated the opening of our first swapshop in the centre of Rotterdam: the 4 month pop-up Swapshop010. A cosy place on the 2nd floor at Oasis, a sustainable mini-mall with a lunch spot.

This inspiring adventure lead to the founding of our current concept. Since then our team has expanded and we have an awesome community of swap heroes around us who help out where necessary. In our shops, for The Swapshop online or by picking up clothes at people's homes. Together we realise our dream!

Work together with us or wanna contribute?

We think working together is fun! We are also always open to new swap heroes.
Do you wanna contribute? Then contact us via [email protected]

  • Khaled Hamadeh
    Shopmanager The Swapshop Amsterdam
    I am a man of details with eye for quality. I am always collecting beautiful clothes and accessories, but since I know about the negative impact of the fashion industry I have changed my buying behaviour. That’s why I love the concept of swapping!  My years of experience in fashion and jewelry have teached me how to recognize and collect unique items. My work gave me a natural love for making connections with all different souls that visit my shops. I love to share my visions on fashion with others and I always let you leave from my shop with a happy feeling. In The Swapshop I bring energy, love, peace and  good vibes. Come swap and dance with me in the shop and let me share with you my fashion tips!
  • Sanne Smit
    Manager Marketing & Communicatie
    Me in a nutshell: Energetic, organized, self-aware, attentive. Doing my best to lose the adverb “too” in some peoples description of me, a little moderation never killed anyone haha! I believe in shifting from ‘doing things right’ to ‘doing the right things’. If you live true to yourself, the world will change accordingly. I love both structure ánd creativity which sometimes seems like an odd combination. Diving deep to really understand the core of something that at first glance seems intangible (what drives human behavior) and then resurfacing with new insights to help The Swapshop grow into a strong brand that stimulates positive movement. Crazy about kimono’s. And small colorful scarves.
  • Laura Suijkerbuijk
    I like to think in broad terms and the ‘bigger picture’. I want to understand the context and how systems work. What drives me is to get a grip on a problem and the real causes and underlying dynamics. That’s one of the reasons why I enjoy to build up The Swapshop! The fashion industry is a complex one which symbolizes a lot of nowadays phenomena.  New insights and ideas gives me new positive energy and motivation. I enjoy to make new connections, envision how things should be and work together on an alternative to make things better! Another nice thing of starting The Swapshop is that it entails a lot of variety. Something I can always appreciate…
  • Monique Drent
    I am a problem solver. I am creative, curious, stubborn and I always aim to create justice in the world around me. I love to make the impossible possible. As a sociologist I bundle these personality traits with an observation mind and a sense of community.  
I love our The Swapshop community, the way we respect each other and the way we grow together into a proven concept with serious impact on environmental, social and personal level. By working together on our impact goals, we can use the simple concept of swapping clothes as a solution for the almost unsolvable problem of overconsumption. We can be a catalyst of change. And thats my dream.
  • Veerle Goris
    Content & Process Developer Webshop
    Hi, my name is Veerle! As a Content & Process Developer for The Swapshop Online, I am involved in the online part of The Swapshop. I improve the process of the webshop and the warehouse. In addition, I organize clothing shoots and I ensure that the right content is published online. In the future I want to use my knowledge as a product designer to convert the textile waste into The Swapshop product line. Swapping makes me beam down the street. I contribute to a circular clothing industry with my beautiful gems! As a circular designer, I want to contribute to a more sustainable world. At The Swapshop I learn everything about the clothing industry, which gives me extra motivation to look for solutions!
  • Elsemieke Minnema
    Shopmanager The Swapshop Rotterdam centrum
    I am idealistic, I am very accommodating due to my great empathy, but I am also stubborn. I have an eye for detail, which comes in handy at The Swapshop. I like to facilitate, research and improve things. As a designer, I don't necessarily want to contribute to inventing and creating more products, but rather to services and processes that are good for our planet and for ourselves. The Swapshop is a perfect example of this and a major challenge, both on a practical and personal level. And that makes it even more beautiful, because my own personal development and that of others is one of my greatest motivations. as a Shopmanager and within The Swapshop there is enough space to do this!
  • Silvia Cempini
    Shopmanager The Swapshop De Wasserij
    Hi! I’m Sylvia. I’m an Italian/German musician and live in the Netherlands for several years. After obtaining my Bachelor, I came to Rotterdam for my master studies in performing arts and fell in love with this city. Besides its different architecture and creative vibes, I love the multicultural aspect and dynamics of it. In my opinion, circularity and respect for the environment, are and are becoming more and more essential aspects and parts of our society. That's why I decided to contribute a bit to it two years ago at The Swapshop, as a volunteer. Now I’m happy to contribute as a Shopmanager!
  • Esma Chekkou
    Content Creator
    Hello, my name is Esma! For the real swap fans, I am sure to be a new face and that's right! I recently stepped on board and work as Content Creator. Every now and then I walk with my magic stick along our social channels to provide social magic! In addition to design, I have a great passion for vintage clothing, I like to dance to electronic tunes and sometimes I walk myself completely drowsy at the weekend! My swap adventure has only just begun, but I'm really looking forward to what's to come! If you want to stay informed, follow us on social media! You really don't want to miss anything!
  • Zarina Chippendale
    The knowledge I gain within the The Swapshop traineeship helps and motivates me to get my own company off the ground. Why swapping? What I love about swapping is that it is both fashionable and environmentally friendly and that gives you an extra nice feeling when shopping. You also meet very nice people from the community!
  • Robyn de Brouwer
    I have been working at The Swapshop since September 2020 and I think it’s fantastic. Because I have a fashion background, I often bought new things with a low price so that I could buy more and stay "up to date". It quickly turned out that buying cheaply is expensive. These items quickly are not wearable anymore and in the end I was not happy to always walk around in the latest fashion. What an eye opener! That’s why I started buying secondhand items 10 years ago and I also often found these items more interesting and original. It makes me happy to be able to style these types of items. Also, a fair world makes me happy. So let's all give the planet a helping hand by, among other things, skipping the fast fashion chains and in this way contributing to a cleaner and more social world. Let's swap!