Together with swappers we extend the life cycle of clothing. And that makes us happy! Because swapping clothes is super fun, affordable and easy.

Our awareness, creativity, need for fun and and a world in balance creates a powerful connection. Next to our team of change makers we have a huge community of amazing swap heroes around us, who help us to make our dreams come true. This is where our power comes from. 

Work together with us or wanna contribute?

We think working together is fun! We are also always open to new swap heroes.
Do you wanna contribute? Then contact us via [email protected]


  • Khaled Hamadeh
    Shopmanager The Swapshop Amsterdam
    I am a man of details with eye for quality. I am always collecting beautiful clothes and accessories, but since I know about the negative impact of the fashion industry I have changed my buying behaviour. That’s why I love the concept of swapping!  My years of experience in fashion and jewelry have teached me how to recognize and collect unique items. My work gave me a natural love for making connections with all different souls that visit my shops. I love to share my visions on fashion with others and I always let you leave from my shop with a happy feeling. In The Swapshop I bring energy, love, peace and  good vibes. Come swap and dance with me in the shop and let me share with you my fashion tips!
  • Laura Suijkerbuijk
    I like to think in broad terms and the ‘bigger picture’. I want to understand the context and how systems work. What drives me is to get a grip on a problem and the real causes and underlying dynamics. That’s one of the reasons why I enjoy to build up The Swapshop! The fashion industry is a complex one which symbolizes a lot of nowadays phenomena.  New insights and ideas gives me new positive energy and motivation. I enjoy to make new connections, envision how things should be and work together on an alternative to make things better! Another nice thing of starting The Swapshop is that it entails a lot of variety. Something I can always appreciate…
  • Monique Drent
    I am a problem solver. I am creative, curious, stubborn and I always aim to create justice in the world around me. I love to make the impossible possible. As a sociologist I bundle these personality traits with an observation mind and a sense of community.  
I love our The Swapshop community, the way we respect each other and the way we grow together into a proven concept with serious impact on environmental, social and personal level. By working together on our impact goals, we can use the simple concept of swapping clothes as a solution for the almost unsolvable problem of overconsumption. We can be a catalyst of change. And thats my dream.
  • Robyn de Brouwer
    I have been working at The Swapshop since September 2020 and I think it’s fantastic. Because I have a fashion background, I often bought new things with a low price so that I could buy more and stay "up to date". It quickly turned out that buying cheaply is expensive. These items quickly are not wearable anymore and in the end I was not happy to always walk around in the latest fashion. What an eye opener! That’s why I started buying secondhand items 10 years ago and I also often found these items more interesting and original. It makes me happy to be able to style these types of items. Also, a fair world makes me happy. So let's all give the planet a helping hand by, among other things, skipping the fast fashion chains and in this way contributing to a cleaner and more social world. Let's swap!