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1. Order online and picking up
1.1. What is the delivery time when I make an order online?

All items that are online we hang in our storage in The Swapshop Rotterdam center. You can pick up your order in this shop within 14 days!

1.2. Why don't you deliver items that I order online to my home?

The Swapshop strives to offer as much convenience as possible, to be as sustainable as possible and to offer affordable prices. Millions of items of clothing ordered online are returned every year in the Netherlands. These need to be reviewed, labeled, ironed and wrapped. Sometimes these are even destroyed. This is not only a waste and time consuming, but also very polluting.

We want to do this differently and prevent many items from being returned. We should charge the costs for returning the items to swappers. We as a start-up can't bear these costs. When picked up in our shop, the item can still be nicely fitted. Pick up at our shop is therefore the easiest, most sustainable and cheapest option!

1.3. Is it possible to pick up an online order at The Swapshop Amsterdam?

No, unfortunately that is not (yet) possible. Our focus for The Swapshop Online is now on Rotterdam, so that we can ensure that we can deliver quality and the best possible service.

1.4. What happens if I can't pick up an item within 14 days?

If you do not collect the item within 14 days, we will place the item online again so that it's available for other swappers again. If you really are unable to pass by within 14 days, please let us know via our customer service. Then we will make sure that it's ready to be picked up a little longer.

1.5. I have picked up an item that I ordered online and at home it turned out to be damaged. What to do?

It may happen that we ourselves have not seen that an item is damaged, such as a hole or spot. If you have placed an order online and pick up the item in The Swapshop Rotterdam center, you must always try on and check the item first. Do you find out at home that an item is damaged and you don't want to keep it? Then you have the right to return the item within 14 days after it has been picked up in the store. You will not receive the amount refunded to your account, but you will receive a store credit.

2. Receive and redeem Swaps
2.1. What if I don't have enough Swaps to swap an item?

If you have placed an order online, you can clean up your closet at home before you come to our shop. You will then receive Swaps for the clothes you hand in. After you have placed an order online, you will be given the option to check your Swaps. That is of course also possible in our app. If you really don't have enough Swaps, you can still take the item with you when you pay extra. You pay 1,- extra for each missing Swap.

2.2. How do you assess the items that come in to give Swaps?

When assessing an item, we look at the type of item and the condition and quality of the item. We have determined 7 categories that express the value of an item, namely 1 Swap, 3 Swaps, 5 Swaps, 10 Swaps, 20 Swaps, 50 Swaps and 100 Swaps. First, we look at the type of item. Jeans, for example, fall into category 5 Swaps. But if it is a pair of high-quality jeans, it will end up in a higher category. Check our app for more info on this.




2.3. How can I see my Swaps if I don't have a smartphone or I can't download your app for some reason?

In that case you can view your Swaps via our website. After registration you will receive an email with a code. Click on the button "Check my Swaps" on our website, enter the code and your amount of Swaps will appear!

2.4. Can I give my Swaps to someone as a present?

Yes, that's possible. When we still had physical cards, it often happened that a swapper gave Swaps to another swapper unknown to him/her. For example because the other swapper did not have enough Swaps. That is also swapping and how beautiful is this! If you want to give someone your Swaps as a present, please provide your name and the name of the other person in our shop and we will make sure that the Swaps get swapped.

2.5. Do I have to show my barcode or QR code from your app when I want to 'pay' something?

No, that is not necessary. You can, but we don't necessarily need it. If you show the barcode or QR code to the person behind the counter, we will scan it. You can also simply provide your name, so that we can look up your account in our system. For this you must of course be registered in our system first. This happens on your first visit to The Swapshop.

2.6. Do my Swaps stay valid for my next visit?

Yes they do. Swaps you received remain valid indefinitely and can be used in all our shops and at our events.

2.7. When are the Swaps redeemed when I order something online?

If you order something online, the Swaps are not immediately redeemed from your account. We don't have the technology for that (yet). That is why we redeem the Swaps from your account as soon as you pick up your order in The Swapshop Rotterdam center.

3. Returns
3.1. Why I don't get my money back when I return an item?

We receive the clothing and other fashion items that hang in The Swapshop through our swap community. As soon as an item arrives, we assess, sort, steam and label it, we put it in our cash register system and hang it in the shop. This is a service we provide so that our community can swap. When you return an item to us, we have already provided the service. That is why we do not give money back, but we give a store credit.

4. Servicecosts
4.1. Why I pay service costs when I want to take an item home or make an order online?

In onze shops leveren wij een service, namelijk het mogelijk maken van swappen voor alle swappers. Hiervoor maken wij kosten, zoals het betalen van de huur en de salarissen van het personeel in de shops. Items die binnenkomen in onze shops worden beoordeeld, gesorteerd, gelabeld, gestoomd, in ons kassasysteem gezet en in de winkel gehangen. De servicekosten die wij vragen zijn noodzakelijk om ons concept alive and kicking te houden én te verbeteren.

In our shops we provide a service, namely enabling swapping for all swappers. We incur costs for this, such as paying the rent and the salaries of the staff in the shops. Items that arrive in our shops are assessed, sorted, labeled, steamed, placed in our cash register system and hung in the store. The service costs we charge are necessary to keep our concept alive and kicking and improve it.

5. Swapping items
5.1. What kind of items I can hand in at The Swapshop?

You can hand in clothing, shoes, bags and accessories such as belts and jewellery at The Swapshop. Both for women and men, as long as it is washed and in good condition. Ask yourself if another swapper would still want to wear it. All types of items are welcome, such as vintage items, designer items and items from sustainable brands and fast fashion brands. You can hand in summer items and winter items all year round, but we prefer that you hand in summer items in the summer and winter items in the winter. This way we can best tailor our offer to the season.

5.2. Why can I only hand in a maximum of 5 items per visit?

There are 2 reasons for this. Firstly, we want to keep the quality of the clothing hand in as high as possible. By using a maximum, there is more incentive to bring your most beautiful items to the shop. The other reason has to do with our capacity. All clothing that comes in must be assessed and processed. To be able to do this as quickly as possible, a maximum number is wise. We don't want to keep other swappers waiting in line for too long.

5.3. Are there items that you don't accept and which are they?

We don't accept baby and children's clothing. Fortunately, there are other options and initiatives for this. We also do not accept worn socks and underwear, for the simple reason that it's not so fresh to swap this. We do accept beautiful bralettes, bodies and swimsuits that are still in good condition. If you bring clothes with an unpleasant odor, we will not accept them. For those with pets, please ensure that your beloved dog or cat has hair removed.

5.4. Are all items in your shops and online still in good condition?

We want to get and keep the quality of our offer as high as possible. The majority of the items are therefore still in good condition and sometimes never even worn. On the other hand, it concerns clothing that has usually been worn before, so the clothing sometimes shows slight traces of use. It also sometimes happens that there's a small damage or a small stain on the clothing. When assessing clothing, we check whether the item is cool enough to be worn, despite the damage. If we or you see that an item has a small damage or spot, we will give a discount of 30% on the service costs.

5.5. What do you do with items that are not used for swapping or that are not getting swapped?

Not all items that come to us are still suitable for swapping or suitable for our target group. Sometimes items are damaged or worn too much or it does not suit The Swapshop in terms of style. But we also find a good sustainable destination for these items, so that we extend the lifespan of all items. We will use the majority of it to be recycled into new products for our future The Swapshop product line, such as bags, laptop sleeves and storage pouches. Our first felt products are coming soon! We will sell these in our shops and online. We also donate a part to (local) charities. Our dream is to eventually have these clothes recycled into new yarn. We need some patience for that….

5.6. Are all items in your shops handed in by swappers?

Almost all items in our shops have been handed in by swappers. Sometimes we receive items from our network, such as from designers and vintage and second-hand stores. We also receive items through our ambassadors, who have their own page on The Swapshop Online. In the future, we would like to collaborate with (local) fashion brands and shops, in order to be able to take over deadstock of clothing.